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About us

An uncompromising balance between performance and design​  

Currently at the very height of its popularity, the world of gaming and esports is now a dominant part of contemporary culture. Its products – from gaming chairs to mousepads – are a direct reflection of that culture.


In the appropriate settings, angular design and sharp colours can highlight gaming performance and competitiveness.

In your home however, lifestyle and design are competing priorities.


Enter ALPHAEON - an exciting, young brand set to enter the space with innovative product lines and statement collaborations. The brand name draws inspiration from the ancient Greek language, bringing together the first letter of the Greek alphabet “alpha” and the Greek word for life, “aeon.”  That is, to stand and lead.


Brand colours of blue and orange further mirror ALPHAEON’s enthusiasm to change the gaming landscape.


The Pantone Blue – deeper in its shade – communicates the brand’s integrity and commitment to innovation.

The Pantone Orange – vibrant and warm – conveys the brand’s positive and unwavering creativity.


Together, the mix of warm orange and cool blue creates an attention-grabbing logo that matches the brand’s statement of intent. 


Beyond branding, Sales and Marketing Director, Kevin Phan, highlights what truly underpins the brand: an uncompromising balance between performance and design.


“With a deep focus on product quality, from material science to user experience, we believe that ALPHAEON can offer something never seen or experienced before in the space.”


This unique offering is rooted in a comprehensive design philosophy and process.


With goals to create stylish and sustainable products, ALPHAEON is committed to using only high quality materials that can fulfill the varying needs within the market, from enthusiast gamers all the way to ensuring comfort in luxury offices.


Built using the latest in ergonomic design and material science, all ALPHAEON products are involved in intensive testing to guarantee comfort and durability. There is also a final quality check before any product is shipped out to your door.


“We want to be pioneers in the space and bring better designed products that can aesthetically fit wherever you may need it.”


Today, the burgeoning brand has announced to the world their mission. That performance driven product can coexist with stylish design. But the team at ALPHAEON already have their eyes fixed on what is to come.



This is ALPHAEON’s world now.


The question is, are you ready for it?


About Fusion

Fusion Co,. Ltd, owns Alphaeon international brand. Main products are gaming related peripheral, seeking high quality components and cutting-edge technology in order to give the customers truly one and only experience. Break the rules, redefine innovation, leading players to a brand-new zone, bringing revolutionary changes to the world.


Taiwan HQ

Address: 14F., No. 75, Sec. 1, Xintai 5th Rd., Xizhi Dist.,

New Taipei City 221432, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Tel: +886 2 8698-3808

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